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The Paper Mario Fanclub
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7th-Jun-2011 10:41 pm(no subject)
Ash and Infernape
Hey, comm!

I wrote an article on the top 10 moments at Nintendo's E3 conference, including a blurb PM3DS. I'm pretty proud of this article, so please take a look!

Part 1: http://netbug-games.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-most-exciting-moments-at-nintendos.html

Part 2: http://netbug-games.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-most-exciting-moments-at-nintendos_07.html
15th-Jun-2010 12:33 pm - NEW 3DS GAME.
Ash and Infernape
Among other titles for the new Nintendo 3DS, a Paper Mario game has been announced at the E3.

(Click "Nintendo Games" to see it)
2nd-Apr-2007 07:30 pm(no subject)
Hey guise!

I was wondering about Yoshi's. So far I have gotten:


What colours have you gotten? Are there any screenshots of odd-coloured Yoshi's? [or hi-res of the map, since I'm here : ) ]

ETA: Also I forgot to ask how you get each colour : ) Thanks!
28th-Nov-2005 08:14 pm - PM2
Where do you find courage shells? Thx
24th-Nov-2005 10:09 am - Question
When your doing the random tasks in Rogueport from the place where you accept the troubles, one says to find a rare badge in Hooktail Castle. I've searched till I cried and I still can't find it. Help, please.
15th-Nov-2005 07:11 pm - Hi there!
Parrot clubbing
I just joined!

I have Paper Mario for the Gamecube, and I'm sort of stuck, but I am absolutly in LOVE with it =3. I really like the parts at the end of each chapter where you get to play as Peach and Bowser, they rock, but the whole game is awesome.

What did you guys call your yoshi? Mine is called Freddie, after Freddie Mercury from Queen (I am soooo not obsessed xD)

I have a feeling I've annoyed you enough.
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16th-Oct-2005 03:02 pm(no subject)

Im making a paper mario site, called Paper Mario Network. i was wondering if anyone here knew HTML and could desigh me a layout.

any offers?
6th-Oct-2005 04:41 pm - Who's yer favorite Partner?
^_^ Just joined the club, and I thought I'd just ask; Who's your favorite partner?

I like Parakarry from the first game,
and Bobbery from the 2nd one ^^
30th-Sep-2005 12:51 pm(no subject)
Ringo Starr
Yay Paper Mario!

If I had a question now, I'd ask it... but I don't. Either way, the series rocks much.

...assuming this community isn't dead. *poke*
20th-Aug-2005 08:51 pm - New!
I've just joined today!

But I have a question. Why isn't there a Paper Mario 3? Paper Mario and Paper Mario 2 were awesome, so why isn't there a third?

Also, I wanted to post this story I'm into. It's also a Paper Mario 2 story that doesn't revolve around Mario.

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