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The Paper Mario Fanclub
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17th-Aug-2005 10:32 pm - What do you think?
[littlepidgey] The heck!?
Hello, everyone!

Sorry to cut in but I'm a huge Mario Bros. fan and am so excited to see multiple groups in LJ popping up about them! I'm cross-posting this in other Bros. communities, but I am seriously considering beginning a Mario themed journal RP and, before I embark, wanted to see just how many people would be interested in joining something like that!

If you have never seen a LJ-journal community, I'd be creating a sort of role-play where you could try out for a Mario character and, if accepted as that character's player, create a public LJ for them. Of course there are more details involved, but basically it's just a big role-play where we all work and play together to make a story work! ^_^

As I said, I'm still thinking on this but let me know if you're interested! If so, I'll get working on that! :D Thanks so much!
13th-Aug-2005 11:30 pm - Check this out!
Are you Mario? Peach? Or maybe even Bowser?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
30th-Jul-2005 10:59 pm(no subject)
Oh yeah, we have a total of ONE!(!!!) member! Go us, we'll be the hottest Mario Club in no time.

In other news, let's talk about your faovrite partner in Paper Mario : Thousand Year Door. And why.

Personally, I really loved Gombella. She probably had the funniest sidekick lines in the game (75% of them do to the tattle power), she was helpful and attacked pretty nicely at the begining. I pretty much dragged her headfirst for the game untill I got a switch badge.

Then I just switched to her so she could tattle away.

8th-Jul-2005 02:53 pm - Now opened for buisness!
This is to declare the Paper Mario Club offical open. If you like Mario RPGs and looking for a place to discuss the love / strategies / why does Peach get captured all of the time, then this is the place for you! :D
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